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    ca88 | 2019-03-04 15:04:33(ca88)




    品牌名稱: 一點點奶茶

    公司名稱: 生根餐飲管理(上海)有限公司

    投資金額: ?10-50萬元


    110 99


      Now people in life more and more busy, leisure time to a cup of milk tea has become a very happy thing. At present, people have higher requirements for drinks. To drink healthily and happily is the inner requirement of many people. Therefore, there will be higher standards for milk tea brands. A brand is bound to guarantee their own quality, but also have other brands do not have the characteristics, in order to attract more consumers in the market development. A little milk tea to join the brand is such a good brand, so there are many loyal customers favor its home products, a little milk tea franchise fee? This is a lot of want to join the entrepreneurs want to consult the problem, today, we understand together.



      A little milk tea to join the brand main idea is easy and happy, the thick tea culture with light tea to interpret, got a good market feedback. The headquarters is now open to join, which means that the franchisee attaches great importance to the period, the depth of the franchisee will be considered to help reduce investment costs, better business franchise. The headquarters through the professional arrangement of logistics for franchisees to provide quality raw materials, so as to avoid franchisees themselves rushed to contact manufacturers, as well as middlemen to earn the price difference, so that franchisees time and money costs are greatly reduced.



      For many people, in the numerous milk tea brands, a little milk tea has achieved great development, imperceptibly, it has become a web celebrity milk tea shop, sales naturally needless to say. Nature is also a good choice for everyone to join the project. And joining fees on its brand, also is different, a little milk tea a high-end and mid-range projects, compared with the high investment cost of the high-end brand, mid-range brand investment cost can be acceptable to ordinary investors, this type of a little bit of milk tea shop investment costs in the tens of thousands of yuan or so commonly, specific detailed spending requires joining area consumption level, the alliance scale and so on based on the actual situation and decide.



      In fact, there is nothing more than a short period of time to earn back the cost is more real, a little milk tea to join the brand is so, the interests in the immediate, the key is to grasp the business opportunities, let you follow the footsteps of the brand to grow together


    專家說 餐飲加盟必須要知道的事

    择址专家 / 王秀娜


    图标 開店初期資金要准備多少?

    图标 約40萬(含加盟金、保證金、店鋪裝修、所有設備、品牌授權、開店五金物料、人員培訓),不含門店押租金、店內員工招聘薪資費用等。

    图标 我可以委托人經營嗎?

    图标 必須親力親爲,自己擔任店長,不能當作投資項目。

    图标 開店地點有哪些區域選擇?

    图标 目前仅开放杭州、甯波、蘇州、南京、廣州、福州、闽北、皖南、深圳、無錫、長沙、武漢、成都、北京、郑州、青岛加盟,陆续开放中(其他区域请投至alittletea@yeah.net)。

    图标 面談前需要事先准備好店鋪嗎?

    图标 不用。請先于取得第一階段加盟資格後再行准備。

    图标 取得加盟資格後,總部能幫我尋找店鋪嗎?

    图标 請自行找尋,總部只負責評估商圈狀況。

    图标 我會賺錢嗎?利潤有多少?

    图标 请先自行评估决定是否投递加盟申請,本公司不做任何保证,其他于通过书面审核后在面谈时会详谈。